Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Minimum Wage

Today we will address the Minimum wage. Folks, with all the fuss by radical Dems to raise the minimum wage let’s talk about some actual facts. I see a lot of misinformation propagated by the LEFT, out there. Here is some context for one state, PA. Dem proponents are complaining about all these families affected by it, First fact: Those earning minimum wage in PA represent about 2.5 % of total employment a very small amount, and FACT 2: 80% of those earning minimum wage have no children. So now we are down to a number less than 1 % of total employment. Dems contend you can’t raise a family on minimum wage. Of course it was never intended to. Most of those jobs are low skilled or introductory positions intended for young people or workers looking for second employment. In Addition, Fact 3: almost 70% of those on minimum wage work part-time. Then we have the assertion that min wage earners are all low income that need help. Fact 4: 17% come from household incomes of over $100,000, and nearly 30% from households over $75,000, only 34% come from households under $30,000. So again we are talking about a very small number and we have many welfare programs like SNAP that when utilized boost their income well over a living wage, in some cases to as much as $50,000. Raising the Min wage would help thousands of workers in demographics that do not need the help of the rest of us. Another important point, reginal differences. $15 an hour is different in NYC than North Dakota. It does not make sense to force one standard on the entire country. Raising the minimum wage hurts small business as Bernie (economic ignoramus) Sanders found out recently with his own campaign team when after a call to pay them $15 he was forced to reduce hours. Let me provide another example, a wonderful young business woman in my area started a dog grooming business and has now expanded to three locations. She employs over two dozen, mostly young people, that can make over $40,000 per year if they hustle. Their base wage is less than $15 but far higher than minimum. If forced to raise the minimum wage to $15 she will have to let go many of her employees and raise prices which could reduce her gross intake possibly even forcing closure of one of her locations. There is no reason for government to interfere in anyone’s business, in fact there is sound reason NOT to. Raising the minimum wage has a ripple effect on other employees in the business. Recently, An IHOP manager explained how he would have to cut hours and automate to cover employees he would lose. “Fifteen dollars at the busboy level means considerably more at the cook, and head cook level.” Not only does this policy harm workers but it contributes to inflation which has been mostly held at bay. There is another dirty secret why Dems are pushing this issue. Many wage contracts for skilled workers are tied to the minimum wage. So if the min wage rises so does the wages of a plethora of jobs already earing much much higher wages. Raising the minimum wage is a bad idea. The market works well when left to itself in this regard. Some companies already choose to pay much higher than the minimum already and that is fine but government using the force of law to set wages is a counterproductive policy that actually hurts far too many of the people they propose to help. It is clear many law makers do not understand basic economics and rank among some of the most misinformed people in authority. For others this is clearly an arbitrary political decision under the guise of wanting to help people while playing to the emotions of those thinking they will receive free money. Let's let the free market determine wages in the private sector.

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Border Crisis

Coming to you from observation post foxtrot, at the border information clearinghouse of the Veritas Center, the Hq’s of American history and Our Godly Heritage, the place you go for truth. I’m Dr. Rick Saccone. Today’s question: Who is to blame for the border crisis? We are experiencing the continuation of a crisis at our southern border. Record crossings overwhelm our law enforcement. I estimate that 95% of the problem is the fault of a do nothing Congress. 65% of the blame goes to the Democrats who are blocking any reforms to the laws that would help solve the problems. 35% of the problem is the RINO republicans who DID nothing and continue to give lip service to the issue but actually do very little to help the President. In the meantime, illegals stream across our border in large groups which include criminals, vicious MS-13 gang members, drug traders, smugglers, human traffickers and simple people bringing unwanted diseases into our country. Others abuse our weak asylum laws, hiding behind children where in as many as 1/3 of the cases are not really their own. Remember this is not a victimless crime. Illegal aliens from over 60 countries wittingly or unwittingly contribute to the organized crime cartels controlling passage and the coyotes they each pay thousands of dollars to guide them across the border many suffering unspeakable dangers and are raped or killed along the way. Special interests in the US encourage the influx of cheap labor while our culture, descending into depravity, creates the demand for drugs. Our young people eschew honest physical labor creating a vacuum for illegals. The Fake news media contributes to the problem by dishonestly reporting the situation and giving voice to LEFTIST misrepresentations denying the focused threat we are experiencing. Meanwhile the average American suffers. Innocent people are robbed, killed and raped by illegals who should not even be here. These are crimes that should be completely avoided. Democrat officials provide them sanctuary and demonize the police trying to protect us. President Trump is struggling against all these forces and incredibly is making progress but needs our help. Contact your Congressman and force them to action. This is no time for idleness. We must put our nation ahead of party. We have a country to save.

President Trumps Imigration Plan

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Atheist Attack

I am posting this article so you can see the hate that we face from these angry atheists. This site in particular spews its hatred for God and anyone who professes God. In this case they are still attacking me, though I am no longer in office. What sounds so normal to the average person is labeled as abhorrent to them. Imagine this, they quoted me, In 2015, Saccone told a church audience that our nation needed to “return to God through prayer” because that was the best way to prevent the country from descending into a “culture of chaos and destructive behavior.” Wow, yes, so returning to prayer is a bad thing? To them it is unconscionable hatred. They rarely do their homework often getting the facts wrong, for example, saying my contact with then President of the PA Atheists didn’t exist. Funny, I had a debate on his radio show with famous Atheist Dan Barker and by the way, the host said I gave him a black eye. They also criticize our NATIONAL MOTTO, In God We Trust, never knowing that its origin is a wonderful history story of uniting America during the civil war. But the facts mean nothing to these people. Their hatred for God trumps everything. Surely the author thought he got me with this quote about the USA Women’s Soccer team disrespecting our flag and anthem. “Men have died honoring [the flag] why can’t a few whiny soccer players at least show the minimum of respect for it?” Wow, you want to know how many thousand people agreed with me on that post? But to God hating and America hating atheists my question is unacceptable. Here is another gem of his ignorance, “In 2013, He sponsored “National Fast Day,” saying we owe our “dependence upon the overruling power of God” and that the only nations that are blessed are the ones “whose God is the Lord.” First of all, that resolution honored the 150th anniversary of President Lincoln’s day of fasting so they weren’t my words they were his, (just history). Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord is Lincoln quoting Psalm 33:12. No separation of church and state there. So there you have it. People blinded by hatred of God clouds their logic. In their twisted mind, the only way to justify their depraved thinking is by destroying God. They can’t very well do that when there are those of us making them face the truth. When you think about it, they can’t hate what they don’t believe exists. They actually fear God. That is good in a sense. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom (Prov 9:10). But they fear God for the wrong reasons. They fear HIM and those who advocate for HIM because the truth of His word convicts them. So, they are in a never ending struggle to deny or defeat God. I say never ending but it CAN end when they accept the Lord. Many do, and the misery of their lives is turned to joy. We can help them and should. They live with an impossible internal anger that strangles, not only logic but happiness. We cannot change their past or what drove them to shake their fists at a God they neither understand nor know, but we can alter their future with truth. That is what we will continue to do. This is the challenge confronting us. But we should not condemn them we should keep feeding the truth in the love of Christ. I have seen many atheists come out of the darkness that way. I just wanted you to know what we face. As I attended several church carnivals in our area this week and saw all the great people, I could not help wonder if they knew there is a force like this out there fighting against us and the Lord. So you now have a peek. Add them to your prayers. Pray that they will one day say, “I was once lost and now I am found.”

Friday, July 12, 2019

Can President Trump Negotiate End to Korean War?

Can President Trump Negotiate End to Korean War? 66 years ago this week, the Korean War was winding down. The fighting caused over 50,000 American deaths and nearly 1 million South Koreans killed or wounded. Several hundred thousand North Koreans died and nearly a half million Chinese casualties resulted. After the famous battle of Pork Chop Hill, on 11 July the US Army abandoned the odd shaped mountaintop that remained a sticking point in armistice negotiations that were dragging on. Soon afterward the Chinese launched a six division attack against US and ROK forces south of Kumsong forcing troops to fall back and later regain territory before the Armistice was eventually signed on the 27th of July. That Ceasefire still exists today, not a peace treaty just a cessation of hostilities that our forces are still there defending. I spent 13 years in South Korea and one year in North Korea. South Korea has developed into a first world Republic and one of our largest trading partners. The North developed into a totalitarian society. The residual problems from that conflict are felt today as President Trump tries to negotiate a conclusion to the conflict. It can be done. I dealt successfully with the North Koreans and wrote two books about it. (Living With the Enemy: Inside North Korea) Let’s all hope we can finally end the conflict on the peninsula and eventually allow all people to live in freedom.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

City Council Removes Pledge of Allegience

Why does the Left hate America and the Pledge of Allegiance? This is your culture folks. The downward spiral continues. A City Council actually voted to eliminate the Pledge before meetings. They claim it is not inclusive enough for a diverse community. What could they object to in “Liberty and Justice for all?” That can’t be it.  Could it be, “and to the Republic for which it stands”? Partially.  The LEFT never acknowledges that we are a REPUBLIC not a democracy.  What about, “to the Flag”? Well, yes they hate the flag but because of what it stands for. Could it be, “One nation under GOD?” BINGO!!!! The Socialist LEFT gnash their teeth at the thought of our nation under GOD. Nothing unites them more than their hate for GOD. They have spent decades trying to sanitize GOD from our public life and government.  They have made numerous attempts to remove or change our national motto, “In God We Trust.” They are trying to erase any vestige of our GODLY roots in government. When President Lincoln acknowledged our nation UNDER GOD in his Gettysburg Address they quietly pushed to stop teaching it in school. Remember when we used to memorize it? Today our youth have never heard of it.  We must promote patriotism and our Pledge in schools, government meetings and pubic events. Make sure we are doing so in your local district. It is essential to good citizenship.  Click here to Read article.  
City Council Removes Pledge

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Anti-American Womens Soccer Team?

We cannot let this go unchallenged. The anti-American Women’s soccer team won and that seems to be all that matters to some people. Win at all costs. But that is a quite selfish approach and one that defies American traditions of sportsmanship and in this case respect for the country that they represented. We suffered multiple occasions of disrespecting our flag and our anthem by players who are supposed to be sports ambassadors for the country they hate so much.  This cannot be tolerated. Radical liberals make excuses for the offenders like they were caught up in the moment and did not realize what they were doing. Nonsense!  These players were reportedly briefed on flag protocol and should have respected our national symbol at all cost. Men have died honoring it why can’t a few whiney soccer players at least show the minimum of respect for it? It is a reflection of the selfishness of these players and our culture. At least one young team member had the presence of mind to save the flag that the other was desecrating.  We should not abide this disrespect for our country and our flag. These players should be barred from the team and disciplined in the severest way. Future contracts should be written to include discipline for such acts. Such actions will only increase if the public does not demand action.  The selfish notion spills into other aspects of our culture including politics. The win at all costs no matter the truths or reputations that are destroyed along the way defines the caustic political environment we live in today. We must return to teaching civility and sportsmanship in all aspects of social contact. It is the only way to right the wrongs of today’s society.  There is something more important that just winning. The old saying applies, “IT’S AN HONOR TO WIN, BUT MORE IMPORTANT TO WIN WITH HONOR.”   Click here to read article.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Cecil Richards

Folks, the abortion industry is reportedly a $1 Billion a year business. The king of the industry is Planned Parenthood and abortion generates almost 40% of its revenue. The queen of the industry was Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards, a tall, blonde plain looking liberal with cropped hair and a toothy smile, who made over $590,000 per year leading the nation’s largest abortion operation. She is estimated to be worth around $4 million. Killing babies pays well. Richards and other co-leaders make millions from snuffing out the lives of innocent children in a supposedly NON-PROFIT business. Her organization receives $500 million a year in tax dollars. That means your hard earned tax dollars are paying for her salary. Remember, money is fungible, so even though tax dollars technically cannot be used for abortion it can be used for other things freeing up money to be used for abortion. Richards is a hero to the pro-abortionists but a Hitler to many of the pro-lifers fighting the infant holocaust she perpetuates. She is her own Joseph Goebbels Reich Minister of Propaganda for abortion. Showing up everywhere like the wind on TV or at rallies spreading the misinformation that deceives millions of young women each year. Telling them a baby is just a blob of goo and pretending to be FOR women ignoring the millions of innocent women killed through her business. Ignoring the racism in killing a disproportionate number of black babies as she makes her living aborting them.

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Veteran Suicide

This should never happen in America!!!!!  While Dem presidential candidates offer illegal aliens free medical care, I have not heard one of them talk about ensuring our veterans actually receive care. We still suffer 20 suicides per day by veterans.  One person told me, “Well don’t they get free care at the VA?” What good is free care if you have no access or the care is substandard. I was on the Veterans Affairs Committee and Chairman of the subcommittee on Veterans Facilities in the PA State House. Yes, we have many good facilities that provide wonderful care. I saw them, they do a tremendous job with few resources. But we also have substandard facilities that need attention. The need is greater in some cases than the resources provide. At the federal level, President Trump has produced great gains with the Veterans Choice Act which allows Veterans to receive care quicker in the private sector but much more needs to be done. For those Socialist candidates offering free healthcare for all I want to add this. When I lived in North Korea, I saw their free health care. In fact, one North Korean official, scoffed that in his country everyone had free health care unlike in America where many go without.  In correcting him I diplomatically left out that their “FREE” healthcare amounted to civil war medicine where bandages had to be reused and drugs were hard to obtain. Care was almost non-existent by our standards. Sure they had a few showcase facilities in Pyongyang for use by the elites and foreigners, but the average person did not enjoy that luxury. I wrote about that experience in one of my books, “Living with the enemy: Inside North Korea.”
I am not comparing our VA to anything like what I saw in North Korea. I am saying that first, socialized medicine is not the optimum and second, we need to prioritize healthcare in America for veterans before illegals.
The disgraceful suicide example is just one of dozens per day but the underlying problem must also be attended to. What do you think? Check out this related article

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