Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Anti-American Womens Soccer Team?

We cannot let this go unchallenged. The anti-American Women’s soccer team won and that seems to be all that matters to some people. Win at all costs. But that is a quite selfish approach and one that defies American traditions of sportsmanship and in this case respect for the country that they represented. We suffered multiple occasions of disrespecting our flag and our anthem by players who are supposed to be sports ambassadors for the country they hate so much.  This cannot be tolerated. Radical liberals make excuses for the offenders like they were caught up in the moment and did not realize what they were doing. Nonsense!  These players were reportedly briefed on flag protocol and should have respected our national symbol at all cost. Men have died honoring it why can’t a few whiney soccer players at least show the minimum of respect for it? It is a reflection of the selfishness of these players and our culture. At least one young team member had the presence of mind to save the flag that the other was desecrating.  We should not abide this disrespect for our country and our flag. These players should be barred from the team and disciplined in the severest way. Future contracts should be written to include discipline for such acts. Such actions will only increase if the public does not demand action.  The selfish notion spills into other aspects of our culture including politics. The win at all costs no matter the truths or reputations that are destroyed along the way defines the caustic political environment we live in today. We must return to teaching civility and sportsmanship in all aspects of social contact. It is the only way to right the wrongs of today’s society.  There is something more important that just winning. The old saying applies, “IT’S AN HONOR TO WIN, BUT MORE IMPORTANT TO WIN WITH HONOR.”   Click here to read article.

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