Sunday, July 14, 2019

Atheist Attack

I am posting this article so you can see the hate that we face from these angry atheists. This site in particular spews its hatred for God and anyone who professes God. In this case they are still attacking me, though I am no longer in office. What sounds so normal to the average person is labeled as abhorrent to them. Imagine this, they quoted me, In 2015, Saccone told a church audience that our nation needed to “return to God through prayer” because that was the best way to prevent the country from descending into a “culture of chaos and destructive behavior.” Wow, yes, so returning to prayer is a bad thing? To them it is unconscionable hatred. They rarely do their homework often getting the facts wrong, for example, saying my contact with then President of the PA Atheists didn’t exist. Funny, I had a debate on his radio show with famous Atheist Dan Barker and by the way, the host said I gave him a black eye. They also criticize our NATIONAL MOTTO, In God We Trust, never knowing that its origin is a wonderful history story of uniting America during the civil war. But the facts mean nothing to these people. Their hatred for God trumps everything. Surely the author thought he got me with this quote about the USA Women’s Soccer team disrespecting our flag and anthem. “Men have died honoring [the flag] why can’t a few whiny soccer players at least show the minimum of respect for it?” Wow, you want to know how many thousand people agreed with me on that post? But to God hating and America hating atheists my question is unacceptable. Here is another gem of his ignorance, “In 2013, He sponsored “National Fast Day,” saying we owe our “dependence upon the overruling power of God” and that the only nations that are blessed are the ones “whose God is the Lord.” First of all, that resolution honored the 150th anniversary of President Lincoln’s day of fasting so they weren’t my words they were his, (just history). Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord is Lincoln quoting Psalm 33:12. No separation of church and state there. So there you have it. People blinded by hatred of God clouds their logic. In their twisted mind, the only way to justify their depraved thinking is by destroying God. They can’t very well do that when there are those of us making them face the truth. When you think about it, they can’t hate what they don’t believe exists. They actually fear God. That is good in a sense. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom (Prov 9:10). But they fear God for the wrong reasons. They fear HIM and those who advocate for HIM because the truth of His word convicts them. So, they are in a never ending struggle to deny or defeat God. I say never ending but it CAN end when they accept the Lord. Many do, and the misery of their lives is turned to joy. We can help them and should. They live with an impossible internal anger that strangles, not only logic but happiness. We cannot change their past or what drove them to shake their fists at a God they neither understand nor know, but we can alter their future with truth. That is what we will continue to do. This is the challenge confronting us. But we should not condemn them we should keep feeding the truth in the love of Christ. I have seen many atheists come out of the darkness that way. I just wanted you to know what we face. As I attended several church carnivals in our area this week and saw all the great people, I could not help wonder if they knew there is a force like this out there fighting against us and the Lord. So you now have a peek. Add them to your prayers. Pray that they will one day say, “I was once lost and now I am found.”

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