Friday, July 12, 2019

Can President Trump Negotiate End to Korean War?

Can President Trump Negotiate End to Korean War? 66 years ago this week, the Korean War was winding down. The fighting caused over 50,000 American deaths and nearly 1 million South Koreans killed or wounded. Several hundred thousand North Koreans died and nearly a half million Chinese casualties resulted. After the famous battle of Pork Chop Hill, on 11 July the US Army abandoned the odd shaped mountaintop that remained a sticking point in armistice negotiations that were dragging on. Soon afterward the Chinese launched a six division attack against US and ROK forces south of Kumsong forcing troops to fall back and later regain territory before the Armistice was eventually signed on the 27th of July. That Ceasefire still exists today, not a peace treaty just a cessation of hostilities that our forces are still there defending. I spent 13 years in South Korea and one year in North Korea. South Korea has developed into a first world Republic and one of our largest trading partners. The North developed into a totalitarian society. The residual problems from that conflict are felt today as President Trump tries to negotiate a conclusion to the conflict. It can be done. I dealt successfully with the North Koreans and wrote two books about it. (Living With the Enemy: Inside North Korea) Let’s all hope we can finally end the conflict on the peninsula and eventually allow all people to live in freedom.

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