Wednesday, July 10, 2019

City Council Removes Pledge of Allegience

Why does the Left hate America and the Pledge of Allegiance? This is your culture folks. The downward spiral continues. A City Council actually voted to eliminate the Pledge before meetings. They claim it is not inclusive enough for a diverse community. What could they object to in “Liberty and Justice for all?” That can’t be it.  Could it be, “and to the Republic for which it stands”? Partially.  The LEFT never acknowledges that we are a REPUBLIC not a democracy.  What about, “to the Flag”? Well, yes they hate the flag but because of what it stands for. Could it be, “One nation under GOD?” BINGO!!!! The Socialist LEFT gnash their teeth at the thought of our nation under GOD. Nothing unites them more than their hate for GOD. They have spent decades trying to sanitize GOD from our public life and government.  They have made numerous attempts to remove or change our national motto, “In God We Trust.” They are trying to erase any vestige of our GODLY roots in government. When President Lincoln acknowledged our nation UNDER GOD in his Gettysburg Address they quietly pushed to stop teaching it in school. Remember when we used to memorize it? Today our youth have never heard of it.  We must promote patriotism and our Pledge in schools, government meetings and pubic events. Make sure we are doing so in your local district. It is essential to good citizenship.  Click here to Read article.  
City Council Removes Pledge

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