Saturday, July 6, 2019

Veteran Suicide

This should never happen in America!!!!!  While Dem presidential candidates offer illegal aliens free medical care, I have not heard one of them talk about ensuring our veterans actually receive care. We still suffer 20 suicides per day by veterans.  One person told me, “Well don’t they get free care at the VA?” What good is free care if you have no access or the care is substandard. I was on the Veterans Affairs Committee and Chairman of the subcommittee on Veterans Facilities in the PA State House. Yes, we have many good facilities that provide wonderful care. I saw them, they do a tremendous job with few resources. But we also have substandard facilities that need attention. The need is greater in some cases than the resources provide. At the federal level, President Trump has produced great gains with the Veterans Choice Act which allows Veterans to receive care quicker in the private sector but much more needs to be done. For those Socialist candidates offering free healthcare for all I want to add this. When I lived in North Korea, I saw their free health care. In fact, one North Korean official, scoffed that in his country everyone had free health care unlike in America where many go without.  In correcting him I diplomatically left out that their “FREE” healthcare amounted to civil war medicine where bandages had to be reused and drugs were hard to obtain. Care was almost non-existent by our standards. Sure they had a few showcase facilities in Pyongyang for use by the elites and foreigners, but the average person did not enjoy that luxury. I wrote about that experience in one of my books, “Living with the enemy: Inside North Korea.”
I am not comparing our VA to anything like what I saw in North Korea. I am saying that first, socialized medicine is not the optimum and second, we need to prioritize healthcare in America for veterans before illegals.
The disgraceful suicide example is just one of dozens per day but the underlying problem must also be attended to. What do you think? Check out this related article

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